Atomic Cyber Crash  -  Information on the risk of nuclear war

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Essential goals of these pages:

·         Provision of information on the risk of nuclear war, especially nuclear war by accident

·         Supporting efforts that may lead to a reduction in the risk of nuclear war.


Unintended Nuclear War  - Quick introduction to the topic

·         Why is there such a risk?  (reading time: about 4 minutes)

·         Why will this risk grow significantly in the coming years?  (5 minutes)

·         Why is this risk hardly taken into account at present?  (2 minutes)

·         Why is the nuclear war risk much more dangerous than other existential risks?  (2 minutes)


Unintended Nuclear War  - Further Information

·         Examples of risk situations with current relevance

·         Detailed articles

·         Warnings from others about the nuclear war risk


Unintended Nuclear War  -  What can I do?


No one wants a nuclear war, but one can accidentally break out  -  7 theses


Possible actions to reduce the risk of nuclear war  -  suggestions