Information on the risk of nuclear war - nuclear war: by accident?



The initiators of these pages are (in alphabetical order):


Prof. Dr. Karl Hans Bläsius (Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, )

Dr. Leo Ensel (Social Psychology, Conflict Researcher and Intercultural Trainer)

Dr. Markus Patenge (German Commission Justitia et Pax, Catholic Church,

Uwe Werner Schierhorn (Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering)

Prof. Dr. Jörg Siekmann (Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, )

Prof. Dr. Bernhard H. F. Taureck (Philosophy, )




·         We are a community of interests regarding the goals of these pages (see Home) and agree the contents together.

·         We are not an association and work voluntarily to keep the costs low so do not need any funds (no collections, no appeals for donations).

·         With alternative approaches we see ourselves as supplementary to the other peace movement so do not want to be a competitor but are willing  to cooperate.

·         We are non-partisan and would like to support politicians of the democratic parties regarding our goals.

·         We would like to make the risks of nuclear war known to a broader public and seek the support of prominent personalities.

·         In order to avoid costs, the design of these pages is kept simple. This also emphasizes the intended objectivity of the contents on these pages.



More initiators are to be added in the next weeks. Corresponding contacts are in preparation.


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